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Route 83 Diner at Paulton’s Park

Creating a new Fast Food restaurant for the
nation’s favourite theme park.

  • Client

    Paulton’s Park

  • Location

    Hampshire, UK

  • Industry

    Stadia & Leisure

Paultons Park, home of Peppa Pig World, is a family-run theme park, situated in Hampshire. Having first opened their gates in 1983, the park has seen numerous upgrades – the most recent involving a brand-new three-and-a-half-acre area called Tornado Springs. In addition to new rollercoasters, a driving school and a Cyclonator, the team at Paultons saw the development as an opportunity to expand the park’s food offering. Stephen Lorton, Commercial Director explains;

“Tornado Springs was built very much to enhance the rest of the park’s offering. We also recognised it was an opportunity to increase our offering of food and beverage around the park – to offer greater variety, at greater capacity”, and so the team opened a new diner, Route 83.

Head of food and beverage at Paultons Park, Andrew Edward, agreed, emphasising the need to be able to handle large numbers of guests quickly;

“Everyone comes for lunch at the same time, so it was really important that with the design of this kitchen we were able to odder that speed of service.”

The team a Paultons had a grand masterplan in place, with the theme of the restaurant clearly in mind – but in terms of plans for the kitchen, it was a blank canvas according to Stephen;

“We approached HCE with a view of getting a plan which fitted in with the masterplan that we had available, and in the space we had available – we pretty much briefed them in terms of what our requirements were. They worked with us very closely to develop 3D drawings to get to the point that we wanted to get to.”

In particular, Andrew said the burger station and hotdog line were essential to smooth operation, so “HCE spent a lot of time doing 3D drawings for us to ensure that we got the final product we required.”

HCE interpreted our requirements and those of the client extremely well. We enjoyed working with HCE & would recommend them to other consultancies and foodservice operators.

Stephen Lorton

Commercial Director

Andrew highlighted that the key considerations of the design focused on ease of flow, and the quality of equipment. For the team at Paultons, it was critical that the kitchen was optimised to create the most efficient workflow – from deliveries and storage at the back of the diner, the cooking lines in the middle, to the building and holding section at the front, with enough space for the front of house staff to be able to serve customers.

“A lot of the equipment is state of the art and very simple to use”, Andrew elaborates, “HCE took us to Welbilt in Guildford to their demo kitchen, where we got to see everything that was on the market.”

Andrew went on to give examples of some of the equipment incorporated by HCE into the final design, including a Merrychef oven, Miracle hot-holds used by corporations globally – Garland Clam grills, and Frymaster fryers. With the concentration on speed and flow, the incorporation of touchscreen ordering systems was an obvious choice, tying the design together neatly.

Andrew and Stephen summarised their experience collaborating with HCE on the design of Route 83, with Andrew commenting;

“The final kitchen that HCE has delivered on this project is absolutely superb. What we’ve achieved through the summer period would not have been possible without that kitchen, that’s all from HCE. The equipment and the flow of the kitchen is second to none”, and Stephen agreeing;

“The key benefits of working with HCE was definitely the flexibility, and the understanding exactly what we were after and what we required. I’d absolutely recommend HCE. Their ability to deliver on time and per the quotation, with no surprises, made the whole process significantly easier.”

The final kitchen that HCE have delivered on this project is absolutely superb. What we’ve achieved through the summer period would have not been possible without their support.

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Andrew Edwards

Head of Food & Beverage


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