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Going Green

Operating sustainably makes sense for all businesses, not just from an environmental perspective, but crucially as a way to reduce energy and food bills. Buying from local suppliers where possible will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain, whilst food waste can be minimised by implementing a first in, first out system for stored ingredients. Operators could also consider cooking in smaller batches or utilising blast chillers as part of a cook-chill system to reduce food wastage.

Unused food products can be turned into ingredients or donated to food charities where safe to do so – and for unavoidable food waste, a local recycling solution should be favoured to reduce CO2 emission associated with transportation.

There are also many environmental benefits associated with a redesign, whether this is energy efficiency, less water usage, reduced chemicals used in dishwashers, as well helping to reduce a clients/caterer’s overheads.

With highly efficient new equipment being put in place, it can also help cut down the need for service call outs which saves the client or caterer costs that would once have existed. For operators with an existing kitchen a move to energy efficient electric equipment such as induction hobs can help reduced energy consumption and contribute to a cooler and more pleasant working environment for chefs.


Budget needn’t be a barrier to your perfect kitchen.

We know budget is a big concern when designing a kitchen. That’s why we harness the latest technologies and take extra care to find you the most suitable, economic and practical solutions that bring your vision to life while working within your price range. Talk to us about funding packages that could be available for your business needs.