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HCE Files – Matt Greep


Say hello to Matt Greep, Contract Manager at HCE! Matt joined the company in 2010 after leaving college and has been making strides in the company’s success ever since. We thought it was about time that we sat down with him to find out more…

What has been your favourite Project at HCE?

It’s a toss up between Wimbledon Court 1 and The Kia Oval, but I think The Oval just edges it. I loved being site based and managing every process from start to finish. It was amazing to see the new stand develop first hand and it was very interesting co-ordinating our deliveries with the crane to all 5 levels, including the roof! I think I loved this project the most as the client shared our vision and we genuinely created a partnership together. Another plus point was meeting some of the players too!

Favourite element of your job?

My favourite element of job is when a project is nearing the end, and you see what once was a dream become reality. As soon as you start peeling the protection away and wiping down the sides in preparation for the handover to the client, I start to think about all the challenges that the specific project faced and how we overcame these as a team. It instils a great sense of pride and excitement.

Favourite Food?

Pizza, but I keep it very simple… margherita!

Interesting Fact?

As a baby I started my acting career by playing the part of a baby in a programme called Waiting For God!

One thing you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without Southampton FC, even though they’re ruining most weekends


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