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HCE goes green and clean with hybrid fleet and charge points

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We are committed to operating sustainably and minimising the environmental impacts of our operations – which includes specifying energy efficient catering equipment, but also extends to our car fleet with an investment in five hybrid Audi etron A3 vehicles, one full electric Audi A4 and two electric charging points at our Eastleigh Head Office.

When in hybrid mode, all regulated emissions are reduced when compared to a conventional petrol and diesel models. These include reductions in carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates (PMs) …so we are doing a little bit to help protect the environment when we are on the road.


Budget needn’t be a barrier to your perfect kitchen.

We know budget is a big concern when designing a kitchen. That’s why we harness the latest technologies and take extra care to find you the most suitable, economic and practical solutions that bring your vision to life while working within your price range. Talk to us about funding packages that could be available for your business needs.