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HCE Offices Undergo Makeover


The HCE offices have had a makeover and the result couldn’t be better.  The office refurbishment was completed over a 4 week period, this undertaking involved the collaborative efforts of our dedicated design and installation teams, working together seamlessly to support the entire process.


The primary goal of this refurbishment was to uplift our office spaces, providing a more contemporary and functional facility for our team. We are thrilled to share that various areas within our workspace have undergone transformation, including Meeting Rooms, the Staff Rest Room, Toilets, Entrance Hall, and Lobbies.

Specifically, we’ve upgraded our meeting rooms to enhance digital conferencing capabilities, aligning with the evolving needs of our dynamic business environment. This improvement aims to foster seamless communication and collaboration among our team, clients and suppliers.

Since the completion of the project, we have observed a significant increase in the usage of the revamped spaces compared to our previous arrangement. The positive response from our colleagues underscores the success of the refurbishment in creating a more inviting and efficient work environment.


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