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Bournemouth Hospital

Driving Kitchen Efficiencies In Hospital Catering

How a new CPK is delivering benefits for UHD NHS Foundation Trust


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A major new Central Production Kitchen (CPK) driven by MYA Consulting and HCE Foodservice Equipment has transformed catering operations across University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, which includes the Royal Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Hospitals.

As part of a major reconfiguration programme, the Trust has invested in a new, state-of-the-art CPK at Bournemouth, which is already delivering meals for the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, with Poole and Christchurch set to follow.

The CPK will enable the Trust to continue to deliver a scalable patient catering model for up to 3,000 patient meals per day as the overall project progresses, across the three sites which span a six-mile radius of the central kitchen. In total, it will be required to produce around 20,000 meals each week for patients and retail services, once it is up to full capacity.

The kitchen team works on a cook/freeze model, with batch cooking at scale which is then portioned, levelled, sealed and frozen. Regen trolleys are then used to regenerate meals and deliver to wards.

MKN’s leading cooking equipment is at the heart of the operation, where chefs have access to two FlexiChef multifunctional cooking appliances, five FlexiCombi combi ovens, two 200 litre multifunctional mixing kettles and two Optima 850 induction hobs.

In addition, MKN’s appliances are connected to the Sicotronic energy optimisation system from kitchen technology specialists Ki-Tech Solutions. This innovative system overcomes the issue of insufficient capacity in the electrical system, which is increasingly faced by commercial kitchens as they transition from fossil fuels to electric power. Instead, it balances the load to meet peak power demand with a lower electrical supply than would be anticipated from the initial project designs, whilst also helping to future-proof the kitchen for any future expansion.

The project and design were led by MYA Consulting, an international hotel and catering consultant that delivers specialist design and in-depth advice on catering facilities, and management for critical projects.

Appliances were supplied and installed by HCE Foodservice Equipment, supporting the main contractor Amiri Construction, all in close collaboration with MKN and Ki-Tech Solutions to deliver enhanced support, commissioning and user training.

Progressing the project

George Panks, Creative Director at MYA Consulting, said: “We were brought on by University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust initially to look at a pre-designed wall layout for a kitchen, but it soon became evident that they needed more scope for growth. As the project progressed, it moved into detailed design and specification, ready for tender for the CPK project as we know it today.

Emma Honnywill, Transformation Operational Manager University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust supporting facilities and catering projects, said:

“The CPK is vital to support not only the reconfiguration programme across the Trust, but also to deliver improved quality, choice and flexibility of our food offerings for our patients, whilst reducing waste. As part of the department transformation we needed the flow of the building to work more efficiently than the old facility, which we had outgrown, and to be able to produce enough dishes to meet our patients’ needs – particularly when we complete reconfiguration and upscale.

“It was evident we’d need to re-site the kitchen and this allowed us, with significant investment from the new hospital programme scheme, to build a purpose-built kitchen. 

“We’ve moved through the various stages, from design to installation, worked with a number of partners including MYA and HCE, and had regular meetings on-site to help us bring the programme to life. There has been a huge amount of collaboration which has really benefited this project, bringing expertise and knowledge to enhance the delivery.

“Frequent meetings also allowed us to re-examine the plans, look at the space and consider where the equipment would be installed. The end result is a fantastic space, where our chefs and catering staff have really been able to buy in to the project and familiarise themselves to support the transition.”

A team effort

One of the key factors in the success of this project was close collaboration from all partners, including MYA, HCE Foodservice Equipment, MKN, Ki-Tech Solutions and the Trust.

Adam Horvath, is Indirect Sales Director at HCE Foodservice Equipment, who design, supply, fit out, service and mainten commercial catering equipment. HCE was appointed by Amiri Construction and worked alongside the consultant, MYA, to help deliver the project for the hospital team.

He said: “This was a significant and complex job, and we played a vital role in coordinating all parties, including services, M&E contractors, Ki-Tech Solutions and MKN. We provided detailed services and fabrication drawings, attended coordination meetings and made sure everybody was on the same page throughout.

“There were a number of challenges to overcome, from a shortage of power on-site to the complicated ventilation system that was required. Working collaboratively with all parties has helped to deliver a really successful project that has been very well received by the client.

George Panks from MYA Consulting adds: “We assisted with the appointment of HCE and they really went above and beyond on this project. For example, the consolidation of equipment at their warehouse prior to installation meant that the delivery process was well coordinated – we weren’t relying on various individual manufacturers and suppliers to deliver at ad hoc times, which inevitably puts the client under unnecessary pressure.

“The key benefits of working with HCE were the coordination of services, drawing turnaround times and basically being there for queries and questions around the project. They are extremely hands on.

“We also know MKN well, having worked with them for more than ten years now. We’ve been to the factory in Germany, with a number of client teams, we know the standard of their manufacturing and product development, even the longevity of the kit. This equipment does more than its competition and while we obviously remain impartial when we specify our projects, we do tend to try and get MKN ovens and FlexiChefs into projects where we can.

“The end result is amazing. It’s done to a very high standard. HCE has supplied a really high standard of fabrication, MKN’s equipment is superb and it all looks great in the kitchen.

“We have found HCE to be extremely professional and not only would we recommend them, we have already put them forward for another project, which is currently at tender stage.”

The relationship between HCE Foodservice Equipment and its equipment partners was also vital, as Adam Horvath notes.

HCE has worked with MKN over several projects and we know the quality of their German-made equipment, so we were pleased to see it was specified by MYA for this project. It’s easy to install and we get all the support we need from the team in terms of specification, 3D modelling and installation information. They’re always responsive to document and technical requests, which is vital on a project of this scale.

Adam Horvath

Indirect Sales Director, HCE

Delivering benefits

With the CPK now complete, University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust has reported increased yield of some dishes, reduced cooking times and enhanced staff morale.

Emma Honnywill from the Trust adds: “The kitchen flow is better and, ultimately, it allows us to deliver a more sustainable, more efficient service than we could previously, and is fully scalable as we continue to reconfigure across the Trust.

“We also needed to ensure that this project fitted with the Trust’s green plan strategy, which includes making sure that the new equipment was efficient and could help us fulfil our green credentials. MKN’s appliances clearly do this, with energy efficiency features throughout.

“HCE made the familiarisation process with the new equipment seamless by being regularly on site and clearly explaining to staff how the equipment worked and helping them get the most out of the new space.

We have had some real challenges internally on the project around timelines, but our partners MYA, Amiri and HCE have been extremely helpful in getting this project over the line as quickly as possible. The insight and knowledge that MYA and HCE have brought to the project and the support they have given has been invaluable.

Emma Honnywill

Catering Transformation Operational Manager, University Dorset Hospitals


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